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A Specialist Developmental Psychology Clinic
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Prenatal, Pregnancy
& Post Natal
Developmental Disorders
Autism & Asperger's
Attention Deficit
Ageing & Support
Sexual Health
Stress Management
Trauma &
Crisis Intervention
Organisational &
Work Related Challenges
Other Clinical Specialisations
Anxiety & Depression
Eating Disorders
Grief & Loss
Spina Bifida

Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic
(ETOH) was founded by Dr Julie Peterson (Clinic Director) to meet the growing demand for specialist psychological services in Sydney.

The ETOH TEAM is composed of highly experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge and understanding of a wide range of psychological concerns.

Developmental Psychology: The Clinic focuses on typical changes that occur in human beings throughout the lifespan, from conception to old age. The field includes infants and children, adolescence, adult development and ageing. As a Clinic we also specialise in Developmental Psychopathology across the lifespan, "where normal development goes awry".

As such, the Clinic provides assessment, knowledge, insight and skills training to assist with an individual's changes and challenges throughout their life. This includes all aspects of human growth, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, perceptual, temperament, personality, and identity development.

The Clinic is also dedicated to assisting individuals, couples and families with a diversity of relationship difficulties, sexual health concerns and a broad range of mental health issues.

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