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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.   Do I need a referral to make an appointment at Embracing The Other Half?

No. You do not need to obtain a referral to attend the clinic, however should you wish to claim a partial rebate for your appointment you may like to visit your Doctor and obtain a GP Mental Health Care Plan (i.e. a Better Access Plan).

Q2.   I already have a GP Mental Health Care Plan, can I use this at Embracing The Other Half?

Yes. You are able to use a GP Mental Health Care Plan made out to another psychologist, however the reception staff will need to contact Medicare to determine how many sessions have already been claimed on your Mental Health Care Plan as there is a limit to the number of sessions you can claim with a psychologist each year.

Q3.   Do I receive a greater rebate from Medicare or from my private health fund?

Current Medicare rebates are between $84 and $124 for individual therapy and $31 for group therapy. To determine whether your private health funds will provide a greater partial rebate, contact your health fund provider.

Q4.   Can I claim a rebate on a psychological report?

No. Unfortunately neither Medicare nor private health funds provide partial rebates on psychological reports.

Q5.   Do I or does my child need a diagnosis on the autism spectrum to attend an appointment?

It is not necessary to have a formal diagnosis on the autism spectrum to be able to attend the clinic. While we are Sydney's leading clinic for autism and Asperger's syndrome we have knowledge and expertise in all areas related to development across the lifespan.

Sometimes people wish to use an appointment at Embracing The Other Half to discuss the possibility that someone may be on the autism spectrum and to explore management strategies and advice.

Q6.   Do I need to have an initial appointment before starting group therapy?

If you are not receiving regular ongoing therapy at Embracing The Other Half, an initial appointment is necessary to determine whether or not the group programme that you are interested in for yourself or your child is the most appropriate referral option. Time and care is taken to ensure that each group participant is going to benefit from being involved in a group program. Should the psychologist feel this is not the best option, another plan will be arranged.

Q9.   Which Psychologist at Embracing The Other half is the best for me to see?

All of our psychologists are highly capable and have a wide range of speciality capabilities. We assess the individual needs of each client to identify the most appropriate Psychologist and therapeutic approach. See our Team page for additional information on the team members.

Q8.   Does the Clinic provide support for parents and carers of children and adults with psychological and medical disorders?

Yes. As a developmentally focused Clinic we are strongly aware of the interactions between individual's with disorders and their family, carers and colleagues.

We follow a holistic approach to care, taking into account everyone involved. We frequently provide support for family and carers through therapy sessions with our psychologists, or through participation in our Group Programs.

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