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Ageing & Support

Every individual experiences many changes in their life as they age, from physical and mental changes, to changes in family and social circumstances.

Many of these changes can be positive, such as the birth of grandchildren, or engaging in a long-awaited retirement plan. However, for some, this time can be difficult and stressful at times.

As experts in developmental psychology, Embracing The Other Half Psychology Clinic looks at all aspects of development across the lifespan, including the experiences and difficulties of the ageing population.

Specifically, we believe in positive ageing, which is the process of maintaining positive attitudes and behaviours into old age. Positive ageing requires the implementation of healthy practices, engaging in enjoyable social and leisure time and maintaining a sense of independence.

As we age, our family dynamic and social circles often change, including experiencing bereavement more commonly than in our younger years. In addition, some individuals experience difficulties coping with retirement, feelings of loneliness and a loss of sense of control as they get older.

At Embracing The Other Half our therapists recognise the challenges associated with ageing and work with clients to provide skills, strategies and support in order to improve their wellbeing and overall enjoyment of life.

We provide support for a wide range of issues including:

Education for healthy ageing
Isolation, loneliness and depression
Counseling for individuals, couples and families
Stress management training
Coping with physical and mental difficulties
Grief and loss
Carer Support

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