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Stress Management
Trauma &
Crisis Intervention

Stress Management

Stress can be defined as the unpleasant state of emotional and physiological arousal or tension, experienced in response to a situation that is perceived as dangerous or threatening to a person's well-being. Therefore, your level of stress is determined by the stressor itself and also your thoughts about the stressor.

A state of stress is characterized by cognitive, emotional, physiological and behavioural changes.

Stress can arise from many sources and occurs in several forms. Stress has become commonplace for many of us, given the daily hassles, frustrations and conflicting demands of modern life, while major life changes, which can be positive (such as the arrival of a new baby) or negative (such as the loss of a job), cause a considerable amount of stress.

Chronic stress, which is the most severe form of stress, is a state of physiological arousal of the autonomous nervous system. This type of stress seems inescapable and never-ending, such as the stress of an unhappy marriage or job situation. Chronic stress can lead to burnout.

The Psychologists at Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic have extensive experience and training in helping individuals to manage and cope with the stressors in their lives.

Trauma & Crisis

Experiencing trauma or crisis can often be overwhelming for individuals and affect many areas of their lives, such as relationships, employment and mood. These experiences can cause prolonged and severe emotional disturbance or post-traumatic stress disorder. Experienced Psychologists at Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic have specific training and experiencing in assisting those with trauma or crisis situations to cope and move forward with their lives.

Trauma can be experienced in many forms, and for some, can be difficult or distressing to talk about. Many of our clients feel that therapy provides them with a safe and caring environment to discuss their difficulties while receiving the skills, strategies and support they need to grow and get back to living their lives.

You can expect Psychologists at Embracing The Other Half to be caring, calm and professional within your sessions, and to work together to handle your crisis or reduce the negative impact of stress and traumatic events. Your sessions will be confidential, and you are welcome to attend these sessions alone, or to bring a family member or friend for support if you would prefer. Our Psychologists work with individuals and their loved ones from all walks of life.

We provide support for the following issues:

Physical and sexual assault
Domestic and child abuse
Victims of crime
Witnessing distressing events
Combat related trauma
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Refugee trauma
Self-harm and suicide intervention
Management of personal and interpersonal crises
Natural disasters
Flashbacks, nightmares and recollections of events

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