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Prenatal, Pregnancy
and Postnatal

Having a baby usually is a very happy time for families. During the pregnancy parents make adjustments that come with the mother's physical changes, and build their hopes and dreams for their future.

The much-anticipated birth can be a fantastic experience that draws the couple closer together as they support each other. But it can also be very stressful because of unexpected events and disappointments that require interventions and additional recovery time.

The early days at home are often exciting and overwhelming as the parents get to know and understand their baby and cater to his/her needs while battling hormone changes, tiredness and conquering the art of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

It is quite usual for new mothers, coping with the enormous amount of change that their babies bring, to find themselves tearful, anxious and somewhat depressed. It is natural for fathers to find themselves struggling as they adjust to household changes, new responsibilities and the nurturing of their relationships with their partner and baby.

There is so much to learn, so many new experiences to understand, so many life changing events and an emotional roller coaster to ride, that new parents are often exhausted.

Adequate care and preparation for this special time is essential for the best outcomes. Support and treatment for difficulties that may arise can ensure that problems are solved quickly and efficiently, and fluctuating moods and the management of challenges resolved satisfactorily.

Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic has highly qualified and experienced clinical psychologists who are there to help during your pregnancy and afterwards.

We provide support for the following issues:

Prenatal anxiety & depression (Mother & Father)
The effects of maternal stress on pregnancy & development
Preparation for IVF
Adjustment to pregnancy
Teen pregnancy

Perinatal anxiety & depression (Mother & Father)
Birth trauma (Mother & Father)
Unexpected pregnancy outcomes
Grief and loss (including loss of infant or disability)

Postnatal anxiety & depression (Mother & Father)
Feeding & Sleeping problems
Crying & unsettled babies
Assistance with attachment issues
Managing a child's difficult temperament
Sibling rivalry within the family
Postnatal intrusive thoughts & obsessions
Understanding the healthy development of baby and toddlers
Parenting issues
Family issues
Relationship difficulties

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