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Every individual experiences many changes in their life, with perhaps the greatest number and intensity of change occurring in the adolescent years.

During adolescence both males and females undergo many changes, including physical and mental development, social maturation and identity formation. They also have to make decisions about work and career, and manage the transition out of the structured school environment into independent adult life.

Many of these changes can be positive, such as forming relationships and moving towards adulthood, however, for some, these years can be difficult and stressful at times. Many of these stresses arise from the responsibilities and emotions associated with being in adult and intimate relationships.

As experts in developmental psychology, Embracing The Other Half Psychology Clinic looks at all aspects of development across the lifespan, including the experiences and difficulties of adolescence.

Our therapists work with clients, and their supporters (such as parents and teachers) to provide skills, strategies and support where challenges arise.

We provide support for the following issues:

Parental support, psycho-education and skill acquisition.

Conflict resolution between the adolescent and parents

Friendship issues

Peer pressure

Behaviour problems

Sexuality issues

Disability issues

Identity issues and the transition to adulthood

Mental health problems

Drug and alcohol problems

Adjustment and transition issues

School to work transition

Whole school community issues

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