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Childhood Assessment & Therapy

I know every child is different, but I'm still worried...

Parents or professionals (e.g., GPs, Paediatric Specialists or Child Care Centre staff) may refer a child to an Educational and Developmental Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist at Embracing The Other Half for assessment, treatment and counselling for the following concerns:

Early Childhood (0 - 5 years)

Parental support, psycho-education and skill acquisition.

Assistance in developing parenting strategies and styles that are flexible and developmentally sensitive.

Supporting parents when there is a poor Goodness of Fit between the child's temperamental style and the demands the environment places on the child. (For example, do the parents have a different temperamental type than the child?) A poor Goodness of Fit can lead to excessive stress.

Assisting young children to adapt to a changing environment.

Assisting young children who have been through traumatic stress (e.g. Trauma, Abuse, Neglect, Parental Divorce, etc) to understand that they are not to blame.

Assessment of a developmental delay (Motor, Language, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, etc.)

Assisting young children to express their emotions appropriately and read and understand the emotions of others.

Assisting young children to self-sooth and to regulate their emotions when they are having difficulty with emotion dysregulation.

Dealing with Sensory Sensitivities

Assist with Social Perspective taking. Preschoolers (age 3-6) are often egocentric and have difficulty in acknowledging that a different person can attribute the same situation differently.

Improving self-regulation and frustration tolerance in young children.

Understanding and working with aggression in young children.

Anxiety: worry, separation anxiety, phobias, panic, Social Anxiety (Phobia), obsessions, trauma

Attachment related trauma and Disordered Attachment

Assistance with feeding, sleeping or behavioural problems

Supporting families through a "Crisis of Diagnosis" and the inevitable associated grief and loss.

Helping parents/individuals work through potential feelings such as blame, shame and guilt.

Supporting individual family members through grief and loss.

Assessment of school readiness.

School Age Children (5 - 12 years)

Anxiety: Generalised Anxiety & Worry, Separation Anxiety, Phobias, Panic, Social Anxiety (Phobia), Obsessions & Compulsions, Trauma, Perfectionism


Teasing & bullying

School adjustment difficulties

Acquisition of social thinking and social skills

Dealing with family separation and divorce

Life stressors

Eating Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Handling the inevitable stress and conflict that occurs during development

Concerns about a child's cognitive, behavioural, or emotional development

Assessment of a developmental delay (Motor, Language, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, etc.)

Assessment of specific disabilities (e.g., Intellectual Disability, Learning Difficulties, Dyspraxia, Sensory Sensitivities)

Assistance with feeding, sleeping or behavioural problems

Infant mental health problems (e.g., anxiety and disordered attachment)

Parenting issues

Assistance with treatment planning and early-intervention programs


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