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Organisational Interventions
& Work Related Challenges

Dr Julie Peterson works extensively with many organisations, providing knowledge and education around Autism Spectrum conditions, both as a workplace consultant and to facilitate communications between those organisations and individuals on the Spectrum.

These include major organisations in the Information Technology, financial, legal, educational, engineering, and other government and corporate areas.

Furthermore, Psychologists at ETOH also participate in workplace psycho-education, whereby they visit organisations and discuss with employers and employees how to effectively interact and work with individuals who may be struggling in the workplace. They teach a range of skills and strategies that can be implemented in order to reduce the likelihood of stress and anxiety for both the individual and their colleagues.

Specifically, we seek to assist with:

Understanding and working with difference
Supervising and managing effectively
Improving communication skills and understanding around difference in the workplace
Assisting with discrimination (social, racial, sexual, disability)
Dealing with trauma in the workplace (physical or psychological)

At Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic we understand that certain aspects of the workplace can cause considerable stress and anxiety for many people. From workplace accidents to bullying and discrimination, the Psychologists at ETOH have a wealth of experience in helping individuals overcoming challenges and mediating many workplace difficulties.

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