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GP Mental Health Care Plan

In order to be able to claim the Medicare rebate when referred by a GP, you need to see your GP (or psychiatrist or paediatrician) - ask for a longer than usual appointment - and the GP will assess whether you qualify for the initiation of a Mental Health Care Plan (Medicare item 2710). A copy of this Plan, or a letter to say that you have a Plan, must be brought with you on your initial consultation.

In any one calendar year Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 individual sessions (with a review by your referring doctor being required after the initial six sessions), AND up to 10 group session services.

Eligible clients for a GP Mental Health Care Plan are individuals who have been assessed by their doctor as having one or more of the following clinically diagnosable disorders that significantly interfere with an individual's cognitive, emotional or social abilities. This includes people with:

Chronic Psychotic Disorders Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Schizophrenia Eating Disorders
Bipolar Disorder Panic Disorder
Phobic Disorders Alcohol use Disorders
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Drug use Disorders
Adjustment Disorder Sleep Problems
Depression Hyperkinetic (Attention Deficit) Disorder
Sexual Disorders Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Conduct Disorder Mixed Anxiety and Depression
Bereavement Disorders Acute Psychotic Disorders

Your referring doctor may specify individual and/or group therapy for any of the following Focused Psychological Strategies in a Mental Health Care Plan:

1.Psycho-education (including motivational interviewing)

2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, including:

Behavioural interventions
Behaviour modification (especially for children, including behavioural analysis and contingency management)
Exposure techniques
Activity scheduling

Cognitive interventions
Cognitive analysis

3. Relaxation strategies

Progressive Relaxation Strategies
Controlled breathing

4. Skills training

Problem-solving skills training
Anger management
Stress management
Communication training
Social skills training
Parent management training

5. Interpersonal Therapy (especially for Depression)

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